Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lamborghini Reventón

Here’s a Lamborghini for those who think the Murciélago is just too shy and retiring! This is the Reventón, a special edition of the brand’s flagship supercar, sporting a striking new body and a £787,250 price tag.

As only 20 have been made available, it’s certainly exclusive. But can it really be worth nearly five times as much as the model it’s based on?

One thing is for sure: it’s absolutely stunning. The carbon fibre bodywork, which has been penned by the Lambor­ghini Style Centre in Italy, is influenced by the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter.

Add camouflage-style paintwork and matt black wheels, and it looks as though it’s escaped from an air force base. According to company sources, the design isn’t a one-off, either. All future Lamborghinis for the next decade will follow the Reventón’s cues.

Power comes from the same 6.5-litre V12 engine as in the Murciélago LP640, but with an additional 10bhp – taking the total output to a storming 641bhp. The 0-62mph sprint still takes 3.4 seconds, but the Reventón is even more responsive in-gear. It sounds incred­ible, delivering a raucous bark that can be heard from miles away.

There is great fun to be had from blipping the revs on the downchange, but the standard-fit e-gear semi-auto box – which features steering wheel paddles – is jerky at low speeds.

The Murciélago’s optional 380mm ceramic brakes are also included, and they provide outstanding stopping power. With ultra-wide Pirelli tyres and four-wheel-drive traction, there’s lots of grip – but only the very talen­ted will tame the Lambo on the limit. Inside, the Alcantara-trimmed bucket seats are unforgivingly hard, but the digital display on the dash is neat.

It can switch between analogue dials or an aero-influenced readout, complete with G-force meter! Similar to the set-up in jet fighters, it shows the pull being exerted while braking, accelerating and cornering. So the car provides a remarkable experience, but is it really worth nearly £800,000? Well, all 20 examples of the Reventón have been sold – one is in the UK. For those buyers, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Rival: Bugatti Veyron
The Lamborghini is no match for the £810,000 Veyron on the road. But both are amazing to look at and true collectors’ items. As all Reventóns have been sold, well heeled fans of the exclusive supercar experience will have to go knocking on Bugatti’s door.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Evolution Of BMW M3

The BMW M3 is a high performance edition of the popular compact car BMW 3-series automobile, made by BMW. The first day operating a BMW M3 can be a bit challenging, but hold on and adjust, since the payoff is worth it.

By benefiting from the outstanding overall design of the chassis components, a skilled driver in a BMW M3 can achieve an exceptionally high level of lateral acceleration. Featuring large compound disc brakes and electronic anti-lock, stopping power for the new BMW M3 is strong, precise and consistent.

The question is whether or not this handsome beast is most beneficial for your pocket? Well, numerous individuals say yes, if you have the experience on how to manage your finances the right way, and purchase the correct car for your needs. There are numerous unique generations of the BMW M3, which of course translates into the price variations as well.

If you are have a smaller budget, but still want an M3, then you should go for a used one. On the other hand if you have a higher budget range, you can go for the newer models.

One thing to be keep in mind is that in luxury vehicles, older cars are in numerous respects as good as new.

There is a wide range and many styles of custom wheels to choose from, so a BMW M3 can be made as individual as the person who drives it. Now let us go through the various generations of the BMW M3.....


This is the earliest version of the BMW M3. Essentially as we know, the standard design of the M3, which is the sports version of the popular compact BMW 3 Series, was introduced here. The M badge carried not only the nature of this automobile being powerful, but also being stylish.

The power train was the 2.3 liters S14 engine, derived from the M10's inline-4 block, and the valve train and head architecture from BMWs notable but then historical M1 and later the singular M6's inline-6 cylinder. The first car resulted in 195 hp, then further retooled to 215 hp, and then to 238 hp.

The BMW M3 was initially fitted with a firmer and more aerodynamic body shell in addition to "box flared" fenders, which only the M6 had. This was basically to accommodate a wider track with bigger wheels and tires, which was typical of a muscle car.

People tend not to give much thought about the BMW M3 catalytic converter, nevertheless when it comes to the environment, it's one of the vehicle's most significant components. The BMW M3 is the most powerful M3 that BMW have produced this far and because of the environmental movement and recent down sizing movement possibly the most powerful that will be made until we have more environmental friendly choices to power our cars.


After 6 years this version of the BMW M3 was ushered in. This E36 coupe model got the 3.0 liters straight-6 engine, which created 286 hp. Four years later, this was increased to a higher power train of 321 hp, which was derived from a new 3.2 liters. As an alternative, a new SMG gearbox was integrated. Named as one of the best models manufactured, this car is still available.

Drivers of the race-bred BMW M3 can also orient the car's manner and performance because of the Mdrive, which is placed on the steering wheel for quick access to the vehicle setup kept in the Mdrive menu. The highly dynamic driving experience of the new BMW M3 is the outcome of the 50/50 front-rear weight distribution, rear wheel drive, recently designed chassis with specific, weight-optimized components, distinctive BMW M axle kinematics, forged aluminum track control arms, complex high-performance brake system and electronic damper control (edc).


This is the most recent version of the BMW M3. The principal batch of the E46 BMW M3 came in Laguna Seca Blue, with a more current SMG Drivelogic or the SMG II, producing a power of 343 hp. The M3 is also lower in gross weight than it past models. One of the reasons for this low weight is that the newer BMW M3 is the first production car in its industry segment to feature a roof constructed of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFP).

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