Friday, April 6, 2007

2nd Generation Toyota Vios in Malaysia?

Rumour is that the new 2nd generation Toyota VIOS on our market will also offer a 1.3 liter version priced somewhere between the Perodua Myvi and the VIOS 1.5 liter, about 65k or so, which will definitely prove to be a Proton killer. But then again, rumours and word of mouth shall remain just that, just rumours, until any official announcement or press release. There are plenty of rumours going around of so-called pending new models to be released soon, they usually center around the Nissan Note and the Toyota Ractic being offered at impossible RM4x,xxx price ranges.

After New VIOS launched in Thailand on 9 March 2007. The rumors already arrived Malaysia for the same reason. Is it will be true just wait and see unless there is official announcement or press confrence nothing can be confirm.

Pix credit to Paultan

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