Thursday, December 27, 2007


True to form, BMW has revealed the production version of its new X6 'Sports Activity Coupe' looking almost exactly like the concept version shown in Frankfurt earlier this year. The new X6, which follows closely from other BMW X models save for the flowing coupe-like roofline, is the third SAV launched by the company. The name itself is meant to shake off any negative association that people have with traditional SUVs, and instead highlight the sporting style for which BMWs are renowned.

It seems fairly appropriate then that with this new model, BMW has opted for a design language that communicates an athletic aesthetic meant to emphasize the driving characteristics offered by BMWs. The sport aspect continues to the interior, with tense surfaces blending into one another. Kneepads are present on both sides of the center console and the transmission can be shifted via paddles on the steering wheel, a standard feature. The elevated individual four seats, giving a commanding seating position, are divided by a center console running the width of the cabin. The luggage compartment is entirely separate as it is in a coupe.

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