Monday, September 1, 2008

Used Cars With New Car Reliability

Second hand car never had quite the ring to it that people wanted to boast about. This label portrayed a rather battered, rusty old car that would limp along and break down regularly. It was only the don't thing to be able to be seen in a new car. However, this was hardly a fair opinion to hold unless you had actually had experience of a second hand car. After all, drive down the road and would you know if that passing vehicle had had one careful owner or twenty? You simply wouldn't.

Car manufacturers have always encouraged people to upgrade their vehicles in their bid to continually sell new cars. However, attitudes are now changing, mainly thanks to the effort that manufacturers are putting in to giving a better image to used vehicles.

The credit crises is biting and while people have now got to the point where they wouldn't be without a car, not everyone wants to spend a huge proportion of their hard earned wages on transport to get them to the place that will earn them those exact same wage. To that end, the second hand car market has taken an upturn.

Manufacturers want to sell new cars and to this end, they have needed to make provision for all the used vehicles this leaves available. Many manufacturers now implement special programmes that recycle used cars that have come to the end of their lives and this is not only good for the environment but shows them to be responsible manufacturers. These same responsible companies will also provide a list of used vehicles that meet a certain standard and are fit for many more years use.

One such manufacturer is BMW. Buying a used BMW from an approved dealer means that you will not only get a reliable car at a reduced rate but you can also ensure your used BMW has undergone the most rigorous of checks to ensure it meets a certain standard. It will come with a guarantee of mechanical parts and also some of the best safety features in the business. A used BMW is always best from an approved dealer as you cannot always be sure of these checks when buying them from your average high street forecourt. The little extra you will pay will always be worth the peace of mind that comes with it.

Ford also do their own line in used vehicles. Buying a used vehicle from a Ford dealer will mean you can drive for at least two years with priceless peace of mind that a warranty and RAC inspection bring. A whole new competitive market has built up around used cars and Ford won the used car of the year award in 2007.

This is a highly competitive market these days and is excellent news for the consumer. It means that we get to drive high quality vehicles at much reduced prices with virtually all the conveniences that a new car brings, avoiding the hiccups that often accompany new cars.

Mercedes-Benz are another car manufacturer who pride themselves on the grade of their used cars. The employ skilled technicians to go through some extremely rigorous checks to ensure that every Mercedes that is put onto the open market is one that is as near to a new car in quality as they can get it. They also offer a service that means if you are not happy with the used Mercedes of your choice, you have thirty days to take it back and exchange it. This is an excellent facility given that it can often take several weeks of using your new car to discover all its little foibles and decide if its the car for you or not.

So it would seem that whether you are looking for a used BMW, used Mercedes or used Ford, you will have a wide choice of reliable cars open to you and the recommendation is to use an approved dealership for any used car you are looking for to ensure reliability and safety.

Credit to: Catherine Harve

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