Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The New Perodua MPV Coming ahead with Pictures and Based Model

The Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) has releasing the statement of publishing the new MPV model after the launching of Perodua Nautica on 9 May 2008. The Manager, Datuk Hafiz states that the new car will be MPV or SUV family but since they’d launched Perodua Natica, MPV will exactly be the following upcoming model and will be releasing this year of 2009.

It is uncovered that Perodua MPV will be using the established of Toyota Passo Sette, which means Passo Seven, or a 7-seater version of the Toyota Passo in Italian. The Daihatsu version is called the Daihatsu Boon Luminas, the combination of the words convenient and luminous.

Both are powered by the 1.5 liter 3SZ-VE engine, 109 PS at 6,000rpm and 141Nm of torque at 4,400rpm with front wheel drive and 4WD variants of 4 speed auto. The front wheel drive rated at 15.6km per liter.nToyota Passo Sette measures 4,180mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,620mm tall, with a long 2,750mm wheelbase to get utmost interior space of 2,550mm long, with 5.2m working radius.

Perodua also mentioned to be releasing new product each 2 year. Like as Myvi by 2005, Viva by 2007 and the new model will surely get popular attention this year. What surely automotive users want is, this new car will be a lot different with unique pattern. No price tag is named yet for the New Perodua MPV.

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